Sunday, April 19, 2009

St. Mary's Lab 5

1. Consider the activities/games that you have utilized so far during the past four labs. Were they appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s? Why or why not?

Mostly all of the activities/games that we have utilized have been appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s. The majority of all the activities we have done have been a success.
However, there was one game that my group actually ran that wasn’t a complete success. We were supposed to be assessing how the students threw. The game that was not a complete success that my group ran was called favorite food freeze tag. The game was not appropriate to fully assess the throw because there was nothing stopping the students from handing the ball off, or tossing it underhand to the next person. The activity needed a rule that made the students throw the ball overhand and from at least 10 feet away. So this was one game that was not completely appropriate for what we were trying to accomplish.

2. What might be some limitations to games or activities when using them in the process of assessing motor skills?

One limitation might be to narrow the game down so there are less people in a game so it is easy to see a certain individual which would make it easier to assess. Instead of having one big game, the teacher could narrow the class in half on each side of the gym to allow for two smaller games with less people. It will be easier for the teacher to assess in a less crowded environment.

Another specific limitation, for example, if playing a game of Handball, would be making at least 5 passes before shooting. This would make sure everyone on the team is getting involved and getting touches so the teacher could assess everyone. Another limitation involving this example, would be a rule that each individual on the team can only shoot once at the goal until everyone on the team has shot at least once. This would make sure everyone on the team was getting shots and it would allow the teacher to assess everyone’s shooting.

Another limitation would be the amount of time spent on a certain activity while assessing. If the teacher were assessing a student perform a skill while doing a certain activity, they can’t just continue to do the same activity while assessing everyone. Students will get bored if they are doing the same activity over and over. Teachers need to be creative and be able to do a lot of different activities while assessing the same skill.

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